Pocket sized (150 X 50mm), lighter than a phone (60gm)

User Friendly Interface

Joystick style control buttons for intuitive operation

Large Display

Easy to read icons and figures for error free ease of usage

Small Sample Requirement

<10 microlitre blood sample requirement = minimum patient trauma

Quick Evaluation

Hemoglobin content displayed in <1 min after sample application

Rechargeable battery driven

Upto 300 tests on a full recharge with approx. 120 days standby

Large Memory

On-board memory can store upto 1000 test readings


Economical Operation

Innovative single-use test strip concept reduces cost per test

Intelligent self-calibration

Auto algorithmic compensation for internal and external variables

Precise Results

Nano-Biochemistry based technology (patent pending) for 100% specificity, <5% tolerance in 4-20 mg/dL range and large testing temperature range (5 - 45 deg Celsius)

TrueHb Features

  • High Precision
  • Portable
  • Intelligent self assessing hardware
  • Ease of use
  • High Memory
  • High battery life
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • High Shelf life of strips
  • Robust strips
  • Quick on the spot results