Ambar Srivastava

An engineer to the core, Ambar is the founder and Managing Director at Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Starting the company in a humble manner, Ambar has been successful in developing new technology products and products. He is responsible for various responsibilities at Wrig, including product development, strategic & financial planning and managing day to day operations.

Before founding Wrig, Ambar had had diverse experience across various industries. He worked extensively in bioelectronics in different assignments and project in different research labs in India and overseas. During his technical assignments he has dealt with challenges ranging from controlling the placement of DNA nanowires to evaluating extent of corrosion induced by seawater microbes. Apart from technical experience, Ambar has worked with private equity firms and management consultancies. In his corporate assignments he has been involved in financial planning, valuation of various companies, development of business processes and designing business strategies.

Ambar is a dual degree (bachelors & masters) graduate in Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology with focus on electrochemical immunosensing platforms (electrochemical biosensors), from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Dr. Veena Koul

A professor at Center for Biomedical Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Dr. Koul is a technical advisor at Wrig Nanosystems. She has been working in the synthesis and characterization of interpenetrating macro- hydrogels and nanoparticles /nanogels and clinical diagnostics for over 25 years. She has co-authored numerous research papers, filed several patents and transferred different technologies to industry.

Her main research interests are in the area of biosensors and drug delivery systems for transdermal and injectable systems based on hydrogels/gels/nano vesicles for various diseases like cancer and skin regeneration. She is presently working on ATRP based polymeric nano-particles for breast cancer targeting (Funded by DBT), Transdermal delivery of methotrexate for RA (funded by DST) and imaging and targeting of drugs.

A PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, Dr. Koul currently heads a research group in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi that has produced many notable scholars.

Dr. Manas Fuloria

A versatile and successful entrepreneur in true sense, Manas is a general advisor at Wrig Nanosystems. A talented achiever, Manas is an expert in the area of technology and operations management. In the last two decades, his wide international experience has made him an expert in Mergers & Acquisitions and fund raising in Technology and IT sector. Mr. Fuloria brings extensive global all-round experience in strategic planning, financial planning, manufacturing, supply chain management and technology as co-founder & MD Europe of a leading software outsourcing company, Nagarro Systems, co-founder & partner of a strategy consulting & M&A advisory firm, MNI Partners, co-founder & CTO of an enterprise software company, SupplyChainge Inc., co-founder of a manufacturing company Dextrous Faber, advisor to an Internet marketing firm NetElixir, Director-strategic initiatives of a chain of business schools, Proton Business School.

Manas holds a PhD in supply chain management for short-lifecycle products from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D). He also holds a master's degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Science & Engineering from IIT-D. He has worked as a Research Associate with the Technology and Operations Management group at Harvard Business School and has been a recipient of a fellowship from the Stanford Institute of Manufacturing and Automation, the RKM Award for Leadership and Director's Silver Medal at IIT-D, as well as the Indian National Talent Search Scholarship.

Mr. Pankaj Kakkar

Pankaj is a seasoned senior executive who has worked with top three healthcare companies of the world. He is the Chief Executive officer at Wrig Nanosystems Pvt. Limited. In the last two decades, Pankaj has managed teams globally and worked in India, US and Europe.
More recently he was responsible for leading Global Technology (ex US) for UnitedHealth Group with teams in India, Philippines and Ireland. With Wrig, his vision is to democratize medical diagnostics by building point of care devices for most frequent tests while integrating the same with easy to use electronic medical records. He believes Technology will change the way Healthcare is delivered in next few years.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kanpur. He also has a patent on Application Maintainability.