A product development in today's world has become highly interdisciplinary with intense requirement of knowledge of several sciences. Generally, breakthrough products have innovative steps in one or two sciences, while use prior art knowledge of other sciences. In today's rapidly evolving world, with free and readily accessible information long product development tenures may have fatal commercial consequences.

Following a stern believe on 'sharing & evolving', Wrig intends to reinforce innovation and engineering ecosystem globally in the healthcare space by partnering with innovators, researchers and organizations in their product development pursuits. Based on proposed product's market potential/need, disruptive nature and our guiding principles, we very carefully handpick ventures wherein we invest our knowledge base, expertise and experience.

Wrig partners new ventures, innovators, organizations and researchers in systematic innovation & product development endeavours by complementing their efforts with following expertise -

Eletronic Systems Designing

Today's world would be unthinkable without the knowledge & evolution of electronics and semiconductors. We can partner for -

  • Analog and digital hardware designing
  • PCB designing and prototype manufacturing & testing
  • Firmware, software and GUI development
  • Production planning, design for manufacturing and quality assurance & calibration test jigs development for mass scale manufacturing
  • Bill of material optimization

Optics Simulation & Designing

Imaging, lighting and optical assemblies are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of industries. The use of plastic in optics in particular allows compact and inexpensive solutions. Wrig specializes in the knowledge in the field of modelling, simulation and production of optics and micro-optics. Using simulation tools, we design the optics and optimise them during the design process. Wrig can partner for -

  • Design and integration of optical modules
  • Plastic Optics
  • LED lighting and fibre optics
  • Integration and miniaturization of optical, electronic and mechanical systems
  • Mass production through suitable international vendors

Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology

Almost all breakthrough medical and environmental technologies and products require extensive knowledge and application of biochemistry, microbiology or immunology. With vast experience and expertise in the area, Wrig can partner for -

  • Effectively coupling the knowledge of biochemistry, microbiology and immunology with other sciences
  • Identifying biological system design parameters
  • Wet lab experimentation for optimizing concentrations, in-vitro biological reactions and other analysis
  • Modelling and simulation of biological systems

Product Designing

Beauty does lie in the eye of beholder, however, it takes experience and a methodological approach to design a product with mass appeal. Wrig can partner for -

  • Laying down design concept on paper through surveys and research
  • Implementing concept into a design using CAD softwares
  • Analysis of mechanical systems through computer simulations for their strength, material usage, weight, color, fitments and economy
  • Simulation and analysis of material flow and finish in case of plastic products

Mass Manufacturing Automation

Automation in manufacturing provides production scalability, economy and standardization. Several pathbreaking products often die in labs due to absence of appropriate mass manufacturing process. Wrig can partner for -

  • Designing scalable and economical mass manufacturing process
  • Designing special purpose machines, wherever necessary
  • Machines and assemblies development through suitable international vendors, workshops and toolrooms.

TrueHb Features

  • High Precision
  • Portable
  • Intelligent self assessing hardware
  • Ease of use
  • High Memory
  • High battery life
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • High Shelf life of strips
  • Robust strips
  • Quick on the spot results