Short TrueHb Story

Meet Sana

SANA, aged 25, her hands folded in helplessness has millions of questions in her mind.

Each morning Sana had woken up with a desire to have a child of her own. Yes, she was pregnant and like every pregnant mother, she had an emotional bonding with her child in the womb. Unfortunately, her miscarriage in 22nd week left her without a child.

Sana, then a daily wage worker lived in a small village, SATYABAHA, Orissa, a village of population less than 1500 and area of around kms away from the town, where 80% of the villagers are still below poverty line and each new day brings them, not a ray of hope but darkness of worries for fulfilling their daily necessities.

Satyabaha, has a single area health center. To be precise, the center is a dispensary with just one minimally trained health worker with little knowledge of medicines for common health problems.

Three years back SANA got pregnant. She faced complications like tiredness, breathlessness, fatigue and dizziness quite frequently during her pregnancy. Sometimes she felt severe headache and even chest pain. The symptoms were not taken seriously and were usually confused with normal pregnancy symptoms.

Like SANA, most women in the village, during pregnancy faced similar problems but never underwent any tests during their trimesters due to financial crises, unavailability of health facilities, unawareness of the medical problems ,lack of availability of transportation facilities, on the top of it, their orthodox approach.

SANA had her pre term labors. The illiterate health worker in the village reported the baby to be born dead. The reason behind Sana's situation was her anaemia. The unfortunate tragedy could have been prevented if her regular haemoglobin tests would have been done.

  • Every year, about 78,000 mothers die in childbirth and from complications of pregnancy in India, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
  • According to the National Family Health Survey (2005-2006), 56.2% of women and 24.3% of men suffer from anaemia, and have lower than normal levels of blood haemoglobin. Anaemia has increased in ever-married women from 1998-99. Among pregnant women, anaemia has increased from 50% to almost 58%.
  • Only 22.3% of pregnant women consume Iron and Folic Acid supplementation for 90 days and the percentage is less than 10% among the non-educated women compared to 50% among the well-educated. Also the disparity between rural and urban areas is significant (18% and 34.5% respectively).
  • Most children under age three are anemic (79.2%). The prevalence is slightly higher in rural areas and among non-educated mothers. High prevalence of anaemia may be linked to poor variety of diet, poor hygienic conditions and limited access to iron supplementation.

To give hope to thousands of pregnant mothers like SANA, we are introducing the 1st ever portable haemoglobin meter, a revolutionary invention in the field of medical science which detects level of haemoglobin in just 1 min.

TrueHb Features

  • High Precision
  • Portable
  • Intelligent self assessing hardware
  • Ease of use
  • High Memory
  • High battery life
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • High Shelf life of strips
  • Robust strips
  • Quick on the spot results